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Oncofertility Center of Insemine Human Reproduction Center
Oncofertilidade Insemine
Cuide do Seu Futuro. Cuide da sua fertilidade.
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Who We Are

Centro de Reprodução Humana Insemine

Insemine Oncofertility counts on a multidisciplinary team of physicians, psychologists, nurses, biochemists, and embryologists.

Our professionals have had their training in several renowned centers in Brazil and abroad, with several publications in magazines and reference books in the area.

It was established to preserve the cancer diagnosed patients’ fertility who need to undergo cancer treatments, allowing to make the dream of having a child come true in the future.

Doctor in charge:
Dr. Alberto Stein - CRM 19.575

  Serviço de Oncofertilidade do Centro de Reprodução Humana Insemine - Porto Alegre - RS

Our mission is to look after your fertilityInsemine Oncofertility

Decades ago, surviving cancer was about “EVERYTHING". Countless battles and rare victories. Nowadays, it’s all different. Nearly 75% of children and young people who have cancer survive with a good quality of life. Thus, in the near future they will have a family and children.

More and more, children, young men and women of reproductive age who have some type of cancer need to undergo surgical treatment – radiation treatment and / or chemotherapy. Among the side effects of these treatments, we find those that impact fertility, and may make patients infertile or subfertile.

Having this in mind the Insemine Human Reproduction Center has established the Insemine Oncofertility, the first center in southern Brazil prepared to look after the fertility of these patients, allowing them to make the dream of having a child come true in the furture.

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